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VIRUS – VLC Iterative Recommender Under SoundCloud

For the Audio and Music Processing Lab, I developed a social recommendation system for music, inspired somehow in the idea of This is the main idea behind: if somebody likes your music, then it is likely that you will … Seguir leyendo

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Ambisonics Encoding

As I commented last time, I am going to use Ambisonics for sound spatialization. I presented  in the last post the basic concepts of Ambisonics. Today I will go a little deeper into encoding. We can develop the wave equation … Seguir leyendo

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Master Thesis – Real-Time Tools for 3D Audio Spatialization

This is the first article into my research blog. Here I will post (hopefully) in a regular basis with the outcomes of my Master Thesis, which has the provisional title Real-Time Tools for 3D Audio Spatialization. For the thesis, I … Seguir leyendo

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